If you have a high value item and need to raise cash quickly and without credit checks or long acceptance periods, we can help!

We offer a professional, discreet and friendly service.

You may need £100 to pay a bill. You may be a business waiting to be paid in need of £25,000. We can help you!

We offer a professional, discreet and friendly service. Also, having been in this business since 1994, we like to think we know what we are doing. You won’t be offered £100 for a £10,000 watch from us!

We pride ourselves on being able to accurately value some of the rarest watches and jewellery.

  • We will value diamonds, only after we have graded their quality.
  • We will value fine quality watches, only after we have consulted some of the nation’s top experts.
  • We have experience of gaining sales at Christies, Sotheby’s and other auctioneers making sure we do not undervalue your items.

Most of our loans are between £75 & £500. So, no matter what you have, your custom is important to us.

Our staff are trained by the National Assoc. of Goldsmiths to Jewellery Diploma & Gemology Diploma level. Please ask if you want to deal with one of our Gemology or Jewellery Specialists.

Bring in or contact us about the items you have. We will offer you a loan based on a percentage of the value of your item. We pay you cash or bank transfer. You get 6 months to redeem your item by paying back the loan plus interest up to the date you collect, calculated monthly. You can renew the loan at any time. There are no credit checks and you do not owe money if you cannot redeem your item. We will give you 14 days notice of our intention to sell your item if you do not redeem the loan. If your items sell for more than you owe us then you will get the surplus. If your items sell for less than you owe us you are not liable for any shortfall. A simple and useful way to access funds in times of need using your personal assets.


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